With Jen's guidance and support, I have made huge strides in managing my depression and anxiety and in addressing triggers and stressors that I have wrestled with for years. Jen has empowered and enabled me to embrace the process of self-awareness and healing and to learn from my feelings rather than be controlled by them. Jen is remarkably perceptive, and her compassion and investment in me creates a comfortable, stress-free space.


109 Forrest Ave.
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Psychotherapy Philosophy/Approach

When we're struggling with something, many of us feel like victims of our moods, our circumstances, and our relationships. We don't feel we have choice in how we respond.

There is a world of possibility, but because of past hurts, we get locked into a way of being and seeing the world and our choices become narrowed.

I believe that struggle is an opportunity for growth and that therapy is about moving from victimization to empowerment. From no choice to choice. In practice this means honoring how we've learned to cope thus far, while becoming aware of how our patterns of coping do or don't serve us well.

Therapy is about taking ownership of our patterns, but not having to do that alone. Therapy is a non-judgemental, safe space, where we can experiment with self-reflection and pursuing change. In therapy we learn to accept our feelings and experience, manage difficult feelings, and adapt to the ever-changing flow of life.  We also learn how to live more vibrantly in the present moment.

I believe that therapy is a holistic practice. It consists of building health in mind, body, and spirit. It is important in therapy to engage the mind and the body, see how they are interconnected, and to reflect on how we treat ourselves.

Most of us do not consistently treat ourselves in a loving way. I believe that therapy is about learning how to be more loving towards ourselves, and in turn to be more loving to others.

It is only through love and compassion that we can truly be liberated from negative beliefs about ourselves and patterns that don't serve us.

In therapy we can even learn how to be loving when resolving conflict. I believe that many of our struggles come from not being able to manage conflict in a healthy way. In therapy we learn positive conflict resolution skills that bring us into more connection with ourselves and others.

I believe there is only one you in the world and what you make of that matters.  Sometimes we don't know what our unique gifts and talents are.  We are too consumed by our negative thoughts, wounds from the past, or fear of the future.  The truth is that the world needs what you uniquely have to offer. Therapy can help you see the virtue of your own unique journey and see the bigger picture of your life plan. I don't force any particular religious or spiritual orientation into my sessions, but I do believe that healing occurs when we live in the present moment, feel connected with our higher selves, and are connected to a greater sense of purpose.