With Jen's guidance and support, I have made huge strides in managing my depression and anxiety and in addressing triggers and stressors that I have wrestled with for years. Jen has empowered and enabled me to embrace the process of self-awareness and healing and to learn from my feelings rather than be controlled by them. Jen is remarkably perceptive, and her compassion and investment in me creates a comfortable, stress-free space.


109 Forrest Ave.
Narberth, PA 19072



My Philosophy

When we're really struggling, we feel like victims of our moods, our circumstances, and our relationships.  We don't feel we have choice in our outcome or response.  

In these moments, we feel disconnected on a deep level from ourselves, others, and the world around us.  

I see struggle as a call for growth, and healing is about moving from victimization to empowerment, from no choice to choice, from powerlessness to connection. 

This is a warrior's journey, and it's not to be traveled alone. With safe, non-judgmental, compassionate support, we are more likely to persist when we want to give up - that moment when the very thing we need to do is get past the hump to achieve our liberation.

This is also an embodied journey.  We must attune to our minds, bodies, and our spirits to remember the truth: we are interconnected with all that is and love is available to us at every moment.  

Any problem that we have, any time we feel stuck, we can return to this truth and allow it to guide our way.

I believe there is only one you in the world and the world needs what you uniquely have to offer.  Sometimes we don't know what our unique gifts and talents are.  We're so consumed by who we think we should be, we don't know how to be our truest selves.  

But freedom, the kind of freedom that ensures feeling safe and secure in the world and in all our relations, is ultimately about letting go of the patterns that no longer serve us, tuning into our intuition, and discovering our true path and purpose. 

Therapy assists us in raising our consciousness, so that any choice we make along the way is not only for our highest good, but for the highest good of all.