With Jen's guidance and support, I have made huge strides in managing my depression and anxiety and in addressing triggers and stressors that I have wrestled with for years. Jen has empowered and enabled me to embrace the process of self-awareness and healing and to learn from my feelings rather than be controlled by them. Jen is remarkably perceptive, and her compassion and investment in me creates a comfortable, stress-free space.


109 Forrest Ave.
Narberth, PA 19072



Professional Background


I am a licensed clinical social worker with 20 years of experience in individual, group, and family therapy.  I offer holistic psychotherapy: a combination of talking, creative arts, ritual, and Flower Essence Remedies.  

In addition to being certified in Gestalt Therapy, my training includes Energy Psychology, Psychodynamic, Family Systems, and Cognitive-Behavioral modalities.  For many years I worked with people struggling with eating disorders and was published in national journals as an expert in the field.

I believe that our struggles are guideposts to what we are being called to create in our lives.   I, too, am on a healing journey and the truth is that we all struggle and are on a healing path.

Together we create that which is needed to live a more fulfilling present and future.  

My most recent passion is Claiming My Voice.  It changes absolutely everything to have sacred community, speak the unspeakable, and create alignment between what we feel on the inside and what we present to the outside world.

In addition to being a therapist, I’m a non-denominational wedding Officiant and Minister.  My services include: Personalized Wedding Ceremony Design, Wedding Coaching, and Pre-Marital Counseling.