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Thanks to Jen's unbelievable support and help in the planning process, our ceremony was by far the the highlight of our wedding. She understood exactly what we wanted, when even we could not articulate it properly. Planning for the ceremony was so thorough and thoughtful that every single detail was accounted for, and it was more personal than we could have ever imagined. Every guest that attended our wedding commented on how personal and perfect the ceremony was for us - and how well it expressed who we are and why we're marrying each other. It was truly the highlight of the night and something we will cherish forever.


What can we say? Jen was incredible. She works with you to create a ceremony that truly reflects who the two of you are and is so personal to you. We had several meetings along the way and at each one Jen was warm and open to ideas and suggestions and helpful and truly helped us to craft the ceremony I had envisioned. We were an out of the box couple, and she was up for whatever we threw at her. She listened to us and incorporated different aspects of us into her words at the ceremony and it was truly magical. In the end we found the perfect person to marry us and I would do it all again if I could! I so highly recommend Jen to any prospective bride and groom, she will not disappoint. In fact, she took us up on our invitation and stayed awhile at our reception to enjoy the night with us which we were so happy for! She put up with us and all of our ideas and made a moving, touching, personalized, memorable yet fun and quirky ceremony which is so what we wanted. She had our guests laughing and crying and in the end she is so special because she is the one who pronounced us as husband and wife. And after, she sent us a lovely copy of our ceremony so we have every word that was said preserved forever. We were so so happy with our choice, and feel we have also made a true friend in the process...

Thanks to Jen's support and guidance we were able to add deeper meaning to not only our wedding ceremony, but to the process of planning the wedding as well. Jen led me to realize not only what significance marriage has for me, and why I wanted to marry my partner, but also to appreciate aspects of myself, and therefore to see why my husband and I—both of us—were such a great partnership. My husband and I both crafted letters to each other that drew upon the individual work Jen had done with us (we gave them to each other on our wedding night, as our wedding gifts—we plan to continue the tradition for each anniversary).


I loved how you helped me to articulate exactly why I was marrying S. It was always there, but I wasn't able to verbalize it without your help.


Having Jen help us plan our wedding ceremony was invaluable! She met with us as a couple and separately, which made me feel really safe. And after initially brainstorming on things we wanted to include in the ceremony, she presented options I hadn't thought of on my own. Jen also helped me think of what to say in my vows by just having a conversation, I thought it was going to have been so much harder! Thanks for easing my fears and keeping us organized and on-track!


Eileen and I were very glad that Jen was the one to officiate our wedding. It was appropriate, personal, and exactly what we hoped for. Our satisfaction was bolstered as we received several compliments from our friends and family specific to the ceremony. The ceremony was meaningful because Jen made a genuine effort to get to know us and develop something that was personal and meaningful.

Before our engagement, Eileen and I hadn't developed the connections for a Church official to perform our ceremony, but we still hoped for a personal and emotional ceremony. Jen recognized our situation and was able to invest the effort to build that connection in order to meaningfully officiate the ceremony.

Months after our wedding we had a friend get married and borrow elements from Jen's ceremony. For us, this was quite the tribute.


We wanted a unique wedding ceremony that spoke to our values and who we are as individuals and a couple. Jen was a huge part of making that happen. She walked us through a process that brought us closer and made it more clear why we had chosen each other. She helped us blend together traditions and new ideas. We were so pleased with how it turned out and so grateful to have had her help.