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When I was 17 years old, I was having a rough year. I was struggling in school, withdrawing from my friends, and feeling rejected by my family. I didn't feel good enough for anything or anybody in my life. With Jen, I felt good enough. I connected with how I felt, what I wanted, and who I was. I learned to trust myself and to own my emotions. I learned to connect with reality, with myself, and with other people. I owe a lot of this to Jen. She listens without judgment, gives suggestions without being controlling, and radiates calm, acceptance, and comfort.

Now I'm 19. I'm a sophomore with a good GPA at a great college, I have an active social life, I'm involved in clubs and organizations, I stay in touch with my high school friends, and I visit my family on Sundays. Life still has ups and downs, but I know that I can handle it. Two years ago, I thought that I'd feel better hiding from the world, but my problems never went away. The only way out is through, and Jen will help you through.


When I started working with Jen doing couples therapy, I was feeling very distant with my wife even though on the surface things looked ok. I felt like we had lost our deep connection and intimacy. My mind and thoughts were in a stuck pattern, like a broken record, and I was unable to change them. I was feeling depressed and lonely.

During our sessions with Jen, my wife and I reopened our lines of communication. We reached a whole new level of understanding. The flower remedies helped soften my mind and allow my heart to open.

We spent a long time searching for ways to improve our relationship with very little improvement. The warm, safe, caring environment, and Jen’s guidance, opened our truths as individuals and as a couple. The sessions rerouted us from our stuck patterns and gave us ways to improve our communication by opening our hearts. For this I will always be grateful. Jen has a special way of understanding the whole picture and very gently teaching us how to move to where we really truly want to be.


I remember a time when I thought I would never be able to manage my emotions in a healthy way. When I first met Jen, I was constantly anxious and fearful. What I learned with Jen is how my emotions were powerful guideposts to the tender parts of myself that needed healing. In the safety of my work with Jen, I was able to pay attention to those parts that seemed too scary to face. Instead of anger and fear towards my emotions, I have learned tenderness and compassion.

One of the things I value in my work with Jen is her genuineness and authenticity. Her care for my well being and journey is always evident. Jen has provided me a space that is kind, understanding, and spacious.

As a result of our work together, I have peace. As I continue to learn about myself in my work with Jen, I look back to our first meeting when I thought things would never be different. Today, I am content, aware, and joyfully embrace all those emotions I once thought I couldn’t withstand. I owe so much to Jen for the way in which I have come to understand myself and the world around me. Particularly with the help of the Flower Remedy that Jen creates to meet my specific needs, I feel supported, whole, and much more confident than I have ever been.   -WN

Jen is adept at carefully listening to what I convey to her.  She assimilates all she hears and gracefully articulates the heart and core of what is going on.  She pinpoints the essence of what I care about and/or what is concerning to me, and this recognition illuminates an inner assumption I have about the way life operates, that was limiting my perspective.  She helps to eliminate these inner obstacles which can revitalize the way I feel and live my life.  Or she reaffirms by restating what is most compelling to me, so that I can grasp fully what is truly important to me in my life journey.  She takes great care when introducing at times weighty ideas, with a deep commitment to search out ways to realize enduring changes.  But Jen is not confrontational and does not operate with a condescending attitude.  This allows me to trust her vision, and feel as though we work together to discover ways of creating more freedom for myself and joy in living.  I recommend connecting with Jen if you are a person who wants to discover your most meaningful core values, dreams, and goals in moving through life on one's own terms and in heart connections with others.  -K