Jen provided wonderful guidance and support to not only create our ceremony, but to also ease my fears about having a wedding in the first place. Sessions with Jen really helped us see what the other brought to our relationship and marriage.


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Pre-marital Counseling

Many of my clients enjoy doing pre-marital counseling before we start planning their ceremony.

Before entering marriage, it's healthy to be able to speak your deepest hopes, fears, and expectations for the relationship.  It's healthy to be able to talk about what you love about your relationship as well as places where you get stuck. Every couple has difficulties, and every couple has to learn how to manage them in the best way possible. 

During Pre-marital counseling, we focus on both the strengths and challenges in your relationship.  I help you communicate even more openly and effectively so you can talk about important subjects that you might otherwise avoid or deny.  We begin mapping out your path for understanding your relationship and ensuring that you thrive as a married couple.

Pre-marital counseling is educational, practical, and healing.  

This is for you if you want to enter into marriage with eyes wide open, and are not afraid to acknowledge both the beauty and the shadow of your relationship.

My clients who focus on their relationship in this way enter into marriage with profound confidence, with a connection that is both grounding and freeing.