All of our guests have remarked that our wedding was the most beautiful theyve been to and that our touching ceremony was the best part.

-K and J

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All services are tailored to you, custom made and delivered. All services lead to the same result- you and your partner entering marriage connected, present, and calm.

Personalized ceremony planning

Wedding Coaching


Pre-Marital Counseling

Psychotherapy practice

Working with me will allow you to:

  • Have fun with each other and see where you shine as a team
  • Plan an extraordinary ceremony that bridges tradition and what makes you unique
  • Be creative in how you articulate and celebrate your commitment
  • Keep love and commitment as your main focus while you plan all the details of your event
  • Celebrate your relationship in ways that make you feel even closer to each other
  • Set the foundation for your future as a married couple
  • Learn how to navigate difficult family dynamics and/or other relationship stressors