The most important thing we got out of working with Jen is how to effectively communicate from a place of love. Not only has it worked in our marriage, but this has helped us in all aspects of our lives as well, from work, to friends and family.

—Joe and Lindsey

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What does it mean to have an intentional wedding process?

Our culture bombards us with fantasy images of weddings as our "perfect" day.  But real weddings are part of real life, and a lot of very upsetting things can come up during wedding planning.  This can be so confusing and disappointing.  

An intentional process is about accepting your reality and learning how to work with it in a positive way.  This will serve you far beyond your wedding day, and set the stage for a more satisfying relationship with yourself and your partner for all the years to come.

When you approach your wedding intentionally, you:

  • Allow your feelings and issues to be present, and learn how to cope with them in a positive way
  • Create a healthy balance between your attention to wedding details and the deeper meaning of your day 
  • Embrace both your strengths and challenges and learn how to celebrate what makes you unique
  • Allow the experience to provide you with learning and growth about yourself and your relationship