When I look back over my time with Jen and Claiming My Voice, I see subtle yet amazing shifts in myself.  I came into CMV with very clear beliefs of who I was and was not, what I could and could not do,  where I could and could not change.  Mostly, my focus was on the negatives.  Jen has helped me see that realities attach to beliefs not people.  By exploring my belief patterns, she’s helped open doors, windows and skylights onto new ways of viewing the world and claiming my rightful place and voice in it.  I have a lot more curiosity about the future rather than my default position of fear and defensiveness.  And, the combination of group and individual work is so synergistic.  I have a group of women who act as my mirror, my teacher, my listener.  I know I’ll have Jen and these ladies in my life for a long time to come (maybe forever?!), and that is immensely comforting.  I highly recommend Jen and her CMV program.


For me, CMV means participating in a process in which am learning how to give and receive support, acceptance, and at times uncomfortable (but always helpful/productive) feedback. In this group, I experience unconditional support and (dare I say) love. This concept is hard for me - to believe that someone (let alone 6 other someones) could care about me - even when I say the "wrong" things and am at my lowest points. I am learning how I can get in my own way and I am realizing that the Walls I put up to protect me are doing just the opposite. I am realizing how I have become accustomed to viewing other women as a potential threat or competition versus as potential tribal sisters (Sounds corny when I say that, but it's true). My journey with this group thus far has been amazingly helpful in terms of understanding myself, embracing change, accepting myself and others, and applying what I learn/experience in group to the "outside world”.



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"Straying from and separating from your inner being, or who you really are, is the root of discontent in the mind and body. You are not broken and you do not need fixing. You are not in need of self-help, you are in need of self-love. The only thing you need is to be yourself, and stay there."

-Amy B. Scher

Are you longing to close the gap between how you present on the outside and who you really are on the inside?  Are you longing to shift something in your life in a really big way?

This is what Claiming My Voice is all about.

Permission to be completely yourself.  Body Love.  Sisterhood support to have the life that truly works for you.  And in doing so, the life that enables you to affect the world in the most positive way.  

In the Claiming My Voice Program you will know, once and for all, that you are not alone and you are loved.  You will gain a sisterhood tribe who supports you to speak up and walk your unique path.  And you will become a tribe member, experiencing the gifts of both giving and receiving.

Claiming My Voice combines individual sessions, sacred circle, creative arts, mind/body/spirit practices, and retreat.  This is an incredibly effective combination for transforming old, rigid patterns into newfound courage, flexibility, and freedom of choice.

The women who have participated in Claiming My Voice have made extraordinary shifts in their lives that they never thought were possible.

What do YOU want and need to express, change, and create in order to be deeply fulfilled? What if you had support to do just that and you altered the course of your life forever?

If any of this resonates with you - Let’s have an exploration conversation - no charge and no obligation - to see if we’re a good fit.  Because doing this program is also about me.

We have to make sure I’m the right person to lead you on the next part of your journey.  I’m behind every detail of this entire process. 

Claiming Voice is an integral part of my own healing process and this program is my passion.  I invite you to join me in creating a community where we take full responsibility for our lives and create the change we wish to see - in ourselves, our intimate relationships, our communities, and the world.  

If the desire for Truth and Trust and Deeper Connection are calling to you, Claiming My Voice is here for you. 

What you will gain from this journey:

-Validation of your truth and experience

-Increased trust in yourself and your choices

-Understanding of how to use struggle as a guidepost to what you want and need to move forward in your life

-Greater access to intuition, creativity, spontaneity, flexibility, and joy

-Increased self-confidence to take your next steps 

-Interdependence : a healthier balance of relying on others for support and relying on yourself for growth and action.

You know the part of you that says: “You don’t deserve more, you’re not worthy, you’ll never have what you really want”?

What if you could say to that part:  “I hear you.  Thank you for trying to keep me safe but I’d like to change course.  I choose to walk the path of self-worth and CHOICE.  I commit to loving myself and to surrounding myself with a loving tribe!”

I hope these words inspire you and that you can allow yourself to envision a world of possibility.

With love,



  • The next chapter of CMV runs from October 2018-April 2019
  • Sacred Circle meets every other Monday from 6-8:30
  • The number of individual sessions is based on what you want and need
  • Pricing for the program is discussed during our initial consultation conversation

Sisterhood Circle Mission Statement:

This circle is a growing community of women who are able to look within, give and receive support.  Our circle draws on the positive ways that women connect.  Together we remember the truth of who we are - powerful, essential, and capable. Together we create a safe container for exploring next steps in our personal healing and growth.  We offer each other encouragement to live in alignment with our soul’s path, and to be our boldest, most courageous selves.

We created this circle because we know that when women join together in unconditional support and solidarity, we are able to use our strengths in more powerful and productive ways… affecting our families, our friendships, our communities, and our world.

Sisterhood Circle is a place for play and joy and creativity.  It's a place where both our strength and and our vulnerability are welcome and celebrated.   

It’s a relief and a blessing to have this kind of support in this lifetime… to know that we are not alone in anything we face, and that without a doubt, we matter.   


Claiming My Voice Values:

  • Safety - I don’t have to apologize for how I feel. My experience is valid.
  • Communication - I communicate honestly and respectfully. I honor both you and myself in our exchange.
  • Personal Empowerment - I own my light and my shadow parts. I am free to be radiant and I am free to be imperfect.
  • Group Empowerment - I am an essential part of the group. I share equal responsibility for maintaining group agreements and keeping the circle safe.
  • Triggers - I respond to triggers without blame or shame. I transform feelings of separateness into feelings of unity and connection.
  • “I am Me and You are You” - I create healthy boundaries.  
  • Power - I recognize when I feel empowered and when I give my power away.
  • Giving and Receiving - My giving is energizing, and my receiving is nourishing. 
  • Manifesting Goals - I use intuition, intention, and action planning to identify what I want and create what my true heart desires.
  • Cultivating Joy - I bring more creativity and play into my life, leading to more flexibility and choice in both mind and body.
  • Building Tribe - I cultivate deep relationships with the group which helps me attract and pursue the relationships I want outside of group.
  • The Embodied Experience - My mind and body are intricately connected and supportive of each other. My experiences flow through me as I engage both my mind and my body in acceptance, surrender, and release.