The greatest thing you''ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

-Eden Ahbez

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Imagine this:

Your wedding planning is fun. It's fulfilling. And it's bringing you even closer to your partner. You're lining up all the important details, but your true focus is on why you've chosen this person, and on celebrating your love. Your wedding is a beautiful, peaceful event.

Jennifer Paige Hendler, LCSW is known as the "Officiant with a Twist" and she is here to make this happen for you.

If you are like many other couples, you are finding wedding planning to be both exciting and more difficult than you imagined.

  • Are you thrilled about your wedding, yet overwhelmed by so many tasks?
  • Are you excited to be surrounded by family and friends, yet surprised by the delicate negotiation required to keep peace and maintain a sense of ownership over your own wedding?
  • Have you been to weddings where you felt like an observer rather than a participant, and you want yours to stand out as fun, engaging, and unique to you?

Jennifer will help you navigate the murky waters of wedding planning and design a meaningful ceremony that you will remember forever. More than an officiant alone, Jennifer's background as a family therapist provides the skills to smooth the wrinkles of this challenging time. You can then enjoy more of the excitement for your special day, with less of the difficulties.

Jennifer also has a performance background, which allows you to be exceptionally creative when designing your ceremony.

What emerges is a beautiful celebration of your life as a couple and the values you want to carry into your future, uniquely delivered, with guidance along the way – making your experience of this momentous time of your life a more fulfilling one.